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Spencer Smith    ︎     

is a graphic designer for film and for fun.

The Last of Us

Television - Season 1 - 2023

Graphic Designer

Prod: HBO
Dir: Multiple
PD: John Paino
AD: Andrew Moreau

Trailer coming soon.

(Predator 5)

Feature - 2022

Art Coordinator  /
2nd Assistant Art Director 

Prod: Disney / Fox
Dir: Dan Trachtenberg
PD: Kara Lindstrom
AD: Kendelle Elliott / Jim Steuart

Trailer 1

More images coming soon...


Television - Season 3 - 2021

Graphic Designer

Prod: CTV
Dir: Ron Murphy
PD: Louise Middleton
AD: Cathy Cowan



Feature - 2021

Art Trainee

Prod: Focus Features
Dir: Robin Wright
PD: Trevor Smith
AD: Mark Stope



Condominium Document

Design - Freelance

Client: Dolce Vida Homes

Brief: An exhaustive 108 page legal document designed for Moda at Keswick. The goal was to turn the wordy beast into something that looked a little higher-end and easier to digest.

Friday April 15 2022
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